Download Music Mp3: How to Extract | Unzip or Open Any Zip (Music) Files on Android Smart Phone

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Smartphones of today are able to handle a lot more file formats than before. If you often transfer a ton of files to an Android device, the easiest way to do it of course would be to compress it into a zip file before making the transfer. Accessing the documents on the Android device, however, requires one additional task – unzipping them. This can be done using a File Manager app.

In this post, we’ll show you how to open zip files on Android as well as create ones using ES File Explorer File Manager app.


1. Download and install the free file manager app ES File Explorer from Google Play.

2. Open up the app and navigate to the folder containing the zip file.

3. Tap the zip file to view its contents.

If you want to extract the contents of the zip file to a different location:

1. In the location where you have your zip file, long press the file to activate the check box at the bottom of the icon and select it.

long press the zip file

2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the More button.

3. A new panel will open up to the left of the screen. Tap Extract to.

open zip files on android and extract them

4. In the Extract selected file to pop up, you can retain the default selection, which will create a folder in the same location as your zip file. The extracted folder will also carry the same name as the zip file. If you want to choose a different location for extracting the files, select the third option “Choose path”.

extract zip file to new location on android

5. Tap the path location. This will open up a Current path dialog. Touch the folder where you want to extract the zip files to and click OK.

select file location

6. In the Extract selected file to pop up, the new file location path is displayed. Click OK to confirm the extraction.

You will now get a message that the extraction was successful.

You can find all the extracted files by navigating to the appropriate folder (using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.)

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